High Frequency Plastic Welding Machines

High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine
Our machines are high frequency die electirc heater type invaluable for all (plastic) PVC applications / blind embossing.


Stationery Items: Presentation Novelties, calendars,Office Files, Folders, Purses & Wallets, Banners & Photo Albums.


Book, Diary, Pass Book, Cheque Book, Passport, Video, Washing Machine, Car, Scooter & Umbrella, CD, VCD Covers etc.

Rainwear: Raincoats, Caps and Handles.
Sports: Quilting, Fancy Shoes, Sports Shoes, Shoe Decoration/ Embossing etc.

Inflated Toys: Animals, Balls Balloons, Dolls, Pillows, Swimming Pads, Life Jackets, Swimming Pool etc.

Automobile Items: Car, Scooter, Cycle Seat Covers, Sun Visors, Car Door Trim etc.

Medical: Urine bags, Blood Bags, Aneama Bags, IV Bags etc.

Packaging: Blister Packs, Blister to Cards, Clear Boxes, Food Packaging, Radioactive Waste Disposal, Pouches etc.



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