NVP 2000/3000/3500/5000/7000/10000 ST

This model is available in 2K.W. / 3.5K.W. / 5K.w. / 7K.W. / 10K.W. / 15K.W / 20K.W. / 25K.w. with the following features:

Two Alternative Platens to slide right and left smoothly, so that preparation of process can be done on both platens in turn. The shuttle Table allows easy operation and accurate positioning of products. Pneumatic driven welding press. Built-in Arc Suppressor and Overload Circuitry. Built in heater to heat up the dir holding plate and the dir itself before welding. ideal for high quantity and quality jobs such as Files, Inflatable, PVC boxes, Handbags, Auto Seat Cover, Stationeries, Photo Albums, Blister-to-Blister packaging like toothbrush etc. Available with pneumatic driven / motorised shuttle trays. The machine is also available with Hydraulic power pack for welding press.